My second year as a PR student–a personal reflection

With my second year of university coming to a close, I have had to make a few big decisions. The first being my placement year, or lack thereof. I have decided not to do a placement year but to carry on into final year. I have learnt so much since first year and couldn’t be happier with the progression that I am making. I realise that a placement year provides students with incredible experience but I believe that through hard-work and a number of short-term placements I will be equipped to complete my final year.

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The Cluetrain Manifesto–a nod to modern social media

Written in 1999, the authors of the Cluetrain Manifesto could only guess what the internet would evolve into by 2015. Originally written as a warning to businesses that if they did not adapt to the opportunities that the internet delivered, then they would cease to exist. MSN and AOL were fledgling websites, Google had only been around for 1 year and instant messenger was still in development when the manifesto was published.

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Convergence – #lidlsurprises Case study

“Convergence: the seamless experience of seeing no boundaries between our online and offline lives – total integration.” – Hallam 2013: 16

In today’s world of PR and marketing you are no longer faced with a choice of traditional or digital. Deciding to run a campaign through social media does not mean that said campaign can no longer feature in the newspaper or as a TV ad. The digital landscape has forced the idea of convergence, where there are no longer distinct lines between traditional and digital or even PR and marketing.

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