Work Experience

As a PR student, the words work experience are fed to us on repeat. Studying for an academic degree in a practical subject isn’t enough to enter the industry, so as students we must endeavour into the world of work placements to boost our CV and skills that the academic side of things just won’t do. For future employers, for readers, for university; here is my work experience from the beginning until the present!

Editor of Student Wire (April 2014-Present)

Student Wire is one of the UK’s top leading online student publications. I was lucky enough to get the job as the editor last April and have been ever since. As the editor my roles are many including the most obvious – editing articles, scheduling posts, recruiting and liaising with writers, creating all of the social media content including Facebook, Twitter, G+ and Pinterest. I am also in charge of all of the advertising aspects of the site. This has been a fantastic opportunity to not only advance my PR experience but also my journalism experience, something that I did not consider prior to this opportunity.

PR Intern at Prohibition PR (April 2014-Present)Prohibition PR

I have been a long-term intern at Prohibition PR since April 2014, working on a once a week basis during term time and carrying out a number of fortnightly blocks during the holidays. I have worked on a number of projects across a large variety of their clients from writing press releases, strategy proposals, communication plans, content writing, selling into journalists and a number of other practices.

PR Intern at Sunmaster Holidays (March 2014-April 2014)

During my time at Sunmaster Holidays I worked closely with the recruitment department, helping to raise awareness of the upcoming vacancies that the company would be offering. I drew up a number of job descriptions and online applications as well as writing press releases for the local newspapers. One of my releases even made it into the Halifax Courier!

PR Assistant at Zeus PR (21st January-26th Janaury)

Following my first week in a PR agency, I then went onto carry out a second week in an agency a little bit closer to home. Zeus PR is a small agency based in Cheshire and Manchester. Whilst I was there I carried out a number of research projects, compiling media lists and contacting journalists, I sat in on client meetings and published a number of posts on various social media channels whilst also using TweetDeck.

PR Intern at Lucre PR (13th January-18th January)

I was over the moon when I found out that this would be my second short-term work placement as I had heard amazing things about Lucre. Although I was only there for a week, I learnt a lot and got to witness the workings of a PR agency from the inside. I wrote press releases for a number of their clients, some of which were actually used in blog posts and was introduced to tools such as Gorkana.

Social Media Assistant at Together Friends (November 2013-January 2014)together friends

The first official short-term work placement that I did, all the way back in first year. The few months that I was with Together Friends allowed me to see what a work placement would really be like, experiencing first-hand the expectations of a student and the tasks that would be asked of me. Together Friends was, at the time, a start-up business helping women find friends once the kids had grown up and flown the nest. I worked alongside the companies MD helping to increase traffic to the site and the social media channels.


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